Rogers family inducted into the Kentucky 4-H Hall of fame


Kentucky 4-H consist of agents, volunteers, alumni and supporters who choose each day to assist youth in finding their spark and helping them thrive; these individuals play a vital role in the life of a child and/or youth.    

In 2018 the Kentucky 4-H Foundation established the Kentucky 4-H Family Hall of Fame to honor those families who created exceptional legacies of service by contributing their time, resources and leadership to the betterment of the Kentucky 4-H program on a local, regional and state level.  

The longevity, continuing success and relevance of the Kentucky 4-H program is due in great part to the leadership and support provided by generations of 4-H families and many others throughout the commonwealth.  To date, we have inducted seven families into this prestigious group, and this year we inducted another outstanding family – the Rogers family – including Charles and Jacqueline Rogers, Keith and Holly Rogers and Lorie and Jim North.  

The Rogers family legacy within the Kentucky 4-H program begins in Hardin County where Mr. and Mrs. Rogers served as volunteer leaders for their own children, Keith and Lorie, as well as many other generations of young people.  Mrs. Rogers was a Family and Consumer Science Extension Agent for 33 years in Hardin County.  But even before that, she was a successful 4-Her, winning the 4-H Clothing Achievement Program in 1950 and going on to win national honors. Their dedication to the core values of 4-H has paved the way for countless young minds to discover their potential, embrace responsibility, and contribute positively to their communities.  

“Jacquie was a professional woman who was married with two children and that was difficult to find, so she was a role model for myself and my two sisters,” says Wendy Stivers, retired University of Kentucky Specialist for Kentucky 4-H.  “All three of us majored in home economics at the University of Kentucky because of Jacquie and the kind of person she was, a family member and community member.”

As adults, Keith and Lorie continue to carry on the values and lessons instilled in them by their parents – often via Kentucky 4-H.  Keith was the State 4-H President in 1977-78.  Notably, Keith helped build a strong Foundation for the Kentucky 4-H Foundation, serving as the executive director from 2008-2015, when he left to serve as Chief of Staff to the Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture.  Lorie has carried Kentucky 4-H’s mission of service to others with her through life, raising her children to be active and engaged in their communities.  

During Keith’s tenure at the Kentucky 4-H Foundation, many programs that are vital to the success of Kentucky 4-H can be contributed to his visionary efforts and leadership including Ag Tag, a program that not only benefits 4-H youth but also FFA and Kentucky Proud.  He also made his mark with a grant from the Kentucky Agriculture Development Board to establish an endowment to fund three crucial programs within 4-H – the Achievement Program, the agriculture mini grants and out of state travel for 4-Hers to compete and attend conferences.  

“It isn’t the apron, the tractor driving, the riffle, or whatever; it is the comradery, understanding of how to work with people, and how to put yourself in the best position to move forward that is the real gift of Kentucky 4-H,” said Lorie North.  

These eight families in the Kentucky 4-H Family Hall of Family have generationally made an impact on the youth across the commonwealth, helping them thrive in their communities.  The Rogers family demonstrated how to make the best better by mentoring and selflessly serving youth they encountered in Hardin County and across the commonwealth.  Today, we have the chance to do the same. How will we choose to make our mark on Kentucky’s youth?  

Congratulations to the Roger’s family!  

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